AIRSHIP LOFT  "Little But Mighty"


Hopefully you are interested in the sport/hobby of pigeon racing if you have arrived at this site.  This site is intended for novices and others who are interested in this subject and also for current racing pigeon fanciers who might be interested in exploring information about my history and birds. You may navigate this site by pressing buttons at top of this page.

People unfamiliar with the sport/hobby often ask "How is a pigeon race conducted?"  Each individual fancier usually has his loft located in his backyard.  He/she will also be a member of a local pigeon racing club.  The night prior to the race, each fancier takes his birds to a central shipping location where the birds are registered/marked for the race then placed in the club's shipping crates and the birds are hauled by truck to the release point for the race.  Each loft has it's GPS coordinates recorded at the club.  When the birds reach the release they are usually released between 7:00 and 9:00 AM depending on the race distance and weather conditions.  At release the trucker/liberator takes the GPS coordinates of the release point and notifies the Race Secretary.  Each bird returns to it's individual home and is "timed in" either electronically or manually.  We now have the two elements for calculating the birds speed in Yards Per Minute i.e. distance flown divided by total flight time of the pigeon.  The bird with the fastest speed in Yards Per Minute wins the race!!

The Airship Loft was first established in 1957 at the Naval Air Station, Lakehurst, NJ where the U.S. Navy maintained a fleet of Airships (Blimps) thus the name Airship Loft.  My interest in the sport/hobby was initiated by my brother in law John Krogulski of Trenton, NJ.  Once the loft was established I jointed the MONOC Pirgoen Club which was affiliated with the International Federation of American Racing Pigeon Fanciers (IF) and flew with the Central Jersey Combine (CJC).  In 1959 the loft was moved to Brielle, NJ and racing continued at that location until 1961. In 1977 the Loft was "reestablished" in Houston, TX.  For additional information about  results of birds bred by Airship Loft please press "Racing Results" at the top of this page.