TEXAS RED      AU 12 ACE 0533 Red Check Hen

Bred by Sal Hernandez, CA, purchased by Airship Loft based on Sire's inbred Van Loon (WWC 2778 X AUTO 132) ancestry and Dam's Jansen outstanding racing heritage.

BREEDING RECORD:  Through 2016 mated with 3 different cocks.  Raised 13 young, 9 of which made it to races.  Two race winners and total of 11 AU Diplomas.  22% of young raised are race winners to date!! GrChildren and GreatGrandChildren winning races, diplomas and money!  Proving to be a Prepotent Breeder!!  (Died in Loft 3/25/2018)

DAM OF:  AU 15 GSWC 6672, won total of 5 Dips on two 200 mi. races as YB.

                AU 15 GSWC 6689, 1st PDP, 1st HCC, 14th GCHPA (3 Dips), 596B, 45L, 218 Mi.

                AU 16 GSWC 311, 1st NSL, 1st GSC, 1st GCHPA (3 Dips), 767B, 53L, 200 Mi.

GRDAM OF:  AU 15 TEXAS 6171, 3rd WIN, 26th GCHPA (2 Dips), 738B, 49L, 104 Mi.  GSWC Futurity,  won 3rd (Dip) + $800, 131B, 19L, 300 Mi.

                      AU 16 GSWC 611, GSWC Futurity, 13th Overall, 7th Auction Race, won Dip + $500, 252B,  24L, 303 Mi.

GREATGRANDDAM OF:  AU 18 GSWC 377, 1st WIN, (Dip), 38B, 3L, 86 Mi. (Club Tra. Race - Specal)

                                          AU 18 GSWC 378, 1st WIN, 6th GSC, 7th GCHPA (3 Dips), 378B, 37L, 299 Mi.


 VICTORIA       AU 07 VPR 2015 Blue Bar Hen

  Bred by Mike Hoffman, Altair, TX and graciously provided as backup bird for Airship entries who were all

  lost prior to the first race of the Victoria RPC OLR (now Redneck Classic).  Returned to Mike Hoffman

  February 2011.         


  RACE RECORD:  Victoria RPC OLR, 7th clock (4 seconds behind 1st), won $100.  1st (Dip.) (15 minutes ahead of 2nd bird on 2 day race.), 300 Mi., won $1075 in Capital and $212 in pools.  1st Average Speed, 52 birds, winning $344.  Won a total of $1739 in series.