One Loft Racing has become a worldwide phenomenon, including the USA and Canada within the last 15 years.  The "Theory" behind this type of racing is that all birds enterd receive the same housing; feeding; health program; road training and race conditions so that only the "best bred" birds will be at the top of the race sheet and thereby win the monetary prizes.  These races come in all sizes from Small ie. 100-150 birds entered with moderate perch and entry fees, to Large i.e. 1000+ birds with entry fees as high as $1000 per bird and others inbetween.  One appeal of this type racing is the fancier need only breed the birds, at 28 to 30 days of age ship the birds to the race site, pay appropriate fees then leave the work to the Race Manager until the training/racing begins.  Some believe it is a good way to evaluate their breeding program and allows the average fancier to compete againt the professional breeding operations and allows for "Bragging Rights" when success is attained. 

Since 2004, Airship Loft has been entering Small OLRs with usually a 2 to 4 bird entry.  Below are some of the "successful" performances attained by our birds.

2004 - Central Texas Shootout, McKinney, TX.  WIN 4609, won $56.  WIN 4602 won $2053 in 2 races and 2nd Average Speed.

2007 - Lou McElrooy Memorial, NC.  WIN 7703, 2nd clock (3 seconds behind 1st), won $400,

           Gold Cup Classic, Corpus Christi, TX.  WIN 7700, won $500.

2008 - Victoria RPC OLR (Now Redneck Classic), Altair, TX.  WIN 8708, 2nd clock (1 second behind 1st), won $484.50.

                                                                                                  WIN 8710, won $100 in perch fees for 2009 race series.

2009 - Redneck Classic, Altair, TX.  WIN 9995, 5th clock (9 seconds behind 1st), won $205.

2010 - Come & Take It OLR, Crosby, TX.  WIN 10265 won total of $170 in 2 races.  WIN 10266, 1st Drop, 6th clock, won $50.6

                                                                   WIN 10269 placed 1st in final race winning $600.

           Redneck Classic, Altair, TX.  WIN 10272, 4th clock, won $206.

2011 - 3 in 1 Pigeon Race, Holliday, TX.  WIN 11510, 3rd clock (2 seconds behind 1st).  No money won.

2012 - Redneck Classic, Altair, TX.  WIN 605 "Redneck Check" won total $1346 in 3 races plus 3rd Average Speed.

            Flamingo International Challenge OLR, Brooksville, FL.  WIN 603 "Flamingo Lad" ONLY bird entered by Airship against total entry of 407 birds.  11/7, 185 birds, 75 lofts, 100 mi training race, 1st Drop, 75th clocked, 1 min. 4 sec. behind 1st bird clocked, less than 1% behind winning speed.  11/19, 185 birds, 75 lofts, 147 mi., 129th, 9 min. 23 sec behind 1st, within 5.2% of winning speed.  11/23, 185 birds, 75 lofts, 244 mi., 1st Drop, 21st clock, 10  sec.behind 1st bird, within .06% of  winning speed.  12/4,  344 mi., 2nd day, clocked 83rd.  Returned to Airship Loft for breeding.

2014 - San Jacinto Classic, Highlands, TX.  Max 153 birds from 39 lofts.  4/4/15; AU 14 WIN 14183 "Shesawina" BCH; Eq 1st (4th clock, 6 sec. behind 1st bird); Dip.; won $285, 80 birds, 34 lofts, 365 mi.

2015 - Baytown Raceway Classic, Baytown, TX.  Max 120 birds from 39 lofts.  Entered 2 birds, 1 made it to races.  51 birds eligible for 1st race.  10/4/15.  Final race:  15 HCF 460 "Blue Streak", 4th, won $575.75, 47 birds, 295 mi.

2016 - GT Texas Classic, Cleveland, TX.  Max 157 birds from 43 lofts.  Entered 2 birds, both made it to races.  10/23/16, AU WIN  16242 "Airship's Hope", BCH,  Eq 1st (4th clock, 21 sec. behind 1st bird), Dip.,  99 birds, 43 lofts, 100 mi. Activation Race.  (no money paid).

2017 - No One Loft Races entered.  I have reevaluated the value of entering these competitions and come to the conclusion that it is nearly impossible to compete as a small backyard fancier.  The combined shipping (box plus postage); perch and entry fee for one bird is now exceeding $300 on average and with most lofts entering at least 4 birds and many entering over 10 birds, it is not economically feasible to compete in the majority of OLRs.  Also, most of the smaller races are being phased out.  Should this situation change, I will take another look at One Loft racing.