RACING RESULTS:                The very first race entered in 1957 one of my birds finished fourth MOC Club winning an IF Diploma (Top 5% of birds in race). I was one happy and proud fellow BUT a long drought was coming.  The next notable performance came in Brielle in the 1961 Old Bird Series when one of my birds won 1st MOC Club and 1st Central Jersey Combine against 2984 Birds from 264 Lofts.  At the time I was told that I was the first member of the MOC Club to win a CJC Race since our club was the most southerly located club in the Combine.  The Clock Trophy from this race still hangs proudly on my livingroom wall. During the period 1976 through 2007, in Houston, over 50 Club wins were attained along with a couple of wins at the combine level and one win at the Gulf Coast Homing Pigeon Association level.  In 1976 there were approximately 120 young bird flyers and about 90 to 100 old bird flyers in the greater Houston area.   Over the years these numbers have steadily declined to about 70 young bird lofts (including quite a few fanciers flying double lofts) and 35-45 old bird flyers.  During this period the Airship loft won over 200 American Racing Pigeon Union Diplomas plus club and combine Average Speeds; Bird of the Year, 3 AU Registered Champion Birds and similar awards.  I also served at one time in all officer positions in the club with most service being as Race Secretary.  In the 1990's I was appointed as Sixth Vice President of the American Racing Pigeon Union, one of the two national racing pigeon organizations.  Since retiring from actively managing  my own team of birds after the 2007 YB Series, my birds have won more Combine and Association races while being handled by other fanciers than I was able to accomplish when actively managing my own team of birds.  See OLR (One Loft Race) Results by pressing button at the top of the page.  Due to my deteriorating health no YBs  were  raised  in 2013.  Normal breeding recommenced in 2014.  Normally raise 25-30 Young Birds each year.  2017 YB was a rather DOWN and UP series for Airship Loft.  Down because of 21 young bred and given to 8 local lofts to fly, only 6 birds made it to the races.  Up because for the first time, grandchildren of an Airship bred bird did well.  In 2016 I gave 3 YBs to new WIN Club flyer Donald Ferrer.  AU 16 WIN 16250 BBH was raced several times, attacked by a hawk and retired.  Three of her 2017 young performed as follows: WIN 17859, 4th WIN (Dip), 79B, 9L, 334 mi.; WIN 17875, 1st WIN, 10th GSC; 14th GCHPA (3 Dips), 631B, 51L, 334 Mi ; and WIN 17874 won 1st WIN Club Bird of the Year.  17874 & 17875 BOTH qualified for the AU National Data Base!!  Thank you Donald for flying these birds to such outstanding performances.  The OB19 Series was unique in that only three Airship bred birds were raced and they won a total of seven AU Diplomas flying for two different lofts  (See OB19 below).

Since retiring from actively managing my own team of birds after 2007 YBs, several Houston Area Fanciers have handled one to three of my birds successfully on their Young Bird Race Teams.  I define "success" as winning Diplomas in Club races and winning money in money races. I would like to Thank:

2007 - Harold Dickey, WIN Club for handling BBQ BOY (See Breeder Cocks)

2009 -  Yoannys Sainz; (Q-Ba Family Loft), WSL Club, WIN 9960; 5th WSL (Dip), 100 mi. Special, 184 birds.

            Vincent Pei, WIN Club, WIN 9985, 12th GSC; 33rd GCHPA (2 Dips), 769 birds, 61 lofts, 100 mi.

                                                  WIN 9989, 11th GSC; 32nd GCHPA (2 Dips), 769 birds, 61 lofts, 100 mi.

            Sean Belcon, NSL Club, WIN 9994; 2nd NSL; 2nd GSC; 24th GCHPA (3 Dips), 780 birds, 61 lofts.  1st NSL; 1st GSC; 1st GCHPA (3 Dips), 538 birds, 60 lofts.  1st NSL; 1st GSC (2 Dips), 260 birds, 28 lofts.  2nd Young Bird of the Year GSC against an average of 265 birds per race.  This is the BEST racing young bird that has been bred by Airship Loft to date.

2010 - Jose Santojo, WSL Club, WIN 10262, 7th WSL; 13th GSC; 13th GCHPA (3 Dips), 500 birds, 41 lofts.  WIN 10263, 9th GSC; 9th GCHPA (2 Dips), 375 birds, 39 lofts (2nd GSC Bond Race winning $800.)  2011 Old Birds 4th WSL; 7th GSC; 11th GCHPA (3 Dips), 462 birds, 34 lofts.  WIN 10264, 3rd WSL; 5th GSC; 7th GCHPA (3 Dips), 402 birds, 40 lofts.

           Thomas Williams, WIN Club, WIN 10258, 4th WIN (Dip), 174 birds.  1st WIN; 1st GSC; 1st GCHPA (3 Dips), 662 birds, 46 lofts. 

2011 - Thomas Williams, WIN Club, WIN 11500, 1st WIN; 1st GSC; 1st GCHPA (3 Dips), 602 birds, 51 lofts.

2012 - Sean Belcon, NSL Club, TEXAS 6163, 3rd NSL; 3rd GSC; 3rd GCHPA (3 Dips), 630 birds, 52 lofts, 300 miles. 

2014 - Jorge Padilla (JPD Loft), WSL Club, BGR 149, 50th GCHPA (Top 5.52%), 905 birds, 56 lofts, 100 miles

           Jose Santojo, WSL Club, WIN 14173, Eq 1st (3rd clock, 2 sec. behind 1st); 12th GSC; 24th GCHPA (3 Dips), 782B, 50L, 100 miles.

           Jose Santojo, WSL Club, WIN 14176, 1st WSL; 2nd GSC; 3rd GCHPA (3 Dips), 832B, 54L, 200 miles.

           Jose Santojo, WSL Club, WIN 14172, 1st Loft, 13th GSC (Top 5.2%), 250B, 22L, 300 miles.

2015 - OB15, Yoannys Sainz, (Q-Ba Family Loft), WSL Club, 14 BGR 148, 6th WSL, 7th GSC, 7th GCHPA (3 Dips), 285B, 24L, 300 miles.  AU National Data Base             All Distance    9.123%!!  

           Jose Santojo, WSL Club, 14 WIN 14175, 5th WSL, 5th GSC, 5th GCHPA (3 Dips), 244B, 24L, 300 miles.  1st WSL, 1st GSC, 1st GCHPA (3 Dips), 213B,                 22L, 400 miles.  AU National Data Base Long Distance 5.035%!!  (See nest mate 14176 above.) 

YB15 - Cesar Cervantes, PDP Club, 15 TEXAS 6689, 9th PDP, 12th HCC (2 Dips), 386B, 27L, 114 miles.  1st PDP, 1st HCC, 14th GCHPA (3 Dips), 596B, 45L,                  218 Mi.

            Harold Dickey, WIN Club, 15 TEXAS 6171, 3rd WIN, 25th GSC, 26th GCHPA (2 Dips), 738B. 40L, 104 miles.  GSC Futurity (377 bands sold), 3rd (Won                    Dip.  plus $800.00), 131B, 19L, 308 Mi.

            Joel Sampang (Thunderbirds Loft), WIN Club, 15 TEXAS 6190, 29th GCHPA (Dip), 641B, 46L, 200 miles.  5th WIN, 12th GSC, 12th GCHPA (3 Dips),                      596B, 45L, 200 Mi.  Returned to Airship Loft for Breeding 2016.

            Miguel Hurtado (Morelia Loft), PDP Club, 15 TEXAS 6672, 6th PDP, 6th HCC, 16th GCHPA (3 Dips.), 641B, 46L, 211 miles.  (See nestmate 6689 above.)               10th PDP, 10th HCC (2 Dips), 304B, 24L, 211 Mi.

2016 - OB16 - Yoannys Sainz, (Q-Ba Family Loft), WSL Club, 14 BGR 148, 7th GCHPA (Dip), 175B, 20L, 500 Mi.  (See OB15 above.)  Returned to Airship Loft for              Breeding July 2016.

YB16 - Harold Dickey, WIN Club, 16 GSWC 313, 4th WIN, 24th GSC, 26th GCHPA (3 Dips), 679B, 44L, 125 Miles.

           Jose Santojo, NSL Club, 16 GSWC 311, 1st NSL, 1st GSC, 1st GCHPA (3 Dips), 767B, 53L, 200 Miles.  (Full sibling to 6672 & 6689 above.)

           Paul Williams, SAL Club, San Antonio, TX, 16 GSAF 1854, 23rd SAL, 439B (Top 5.2%), 20L, 200 Miles.

           Joel Sampang (Thunderbirds Loft), WIN Club, 16 GSWC 611, Greater Southwest Combine Futurity Race, 13th Overall (Dip); 7th Auction Race (won $500),             254B, 24L, 303 Miles.

2017 - OB17 - Jose Santojo, NSL Club, 16 GSWC 312, 6th GSC, 7th GCHPA (2 Dips), 180B, 23L, 398 Mi.  (See nestmate GSWC 313 above YB16)

YB17-Ernesto Escobar (Vegga Loft), WSL Club, 17 GSWC 211, 4th WSL, 4th GSC (4 secs. behind 1st bird clocked.), 28th GCHPA (3 Dips), 788B, 51L, 115 Miles.            28th GCHPA (Dip), 544B, 44L, 201 Miles.

2018 - OB18 - Jorge Padilla (JPD Loft), WSL Club, 17 GSWC 210, 25th GCHPA (Dip), 548B, 17L, 199 Miles.  (Nestmate to GSWC 211, see YB17 above.)

YB18 - Joel Sampang (Thunderbirds Loft), WIN Club, 18 GSWC 377, 1st WIN (Dip.), 89B. 3L, 86 Miles (Club training race.)

            Jerry Torres (3riple-G Loft), WIN Club, 18 GSWC 378, 7th WIN (Dip), 196B, 11L, 86.4 Miles.

            Jerry Torres (3riple-G Loft) WIN Club, 18 WIN 18268, 2nd WIN, 4th GSC, 5th GCHPA (3 Dips), 478B, 39L, 182 Miles.

             Ray Orta, WIN Club, 18 WIN 18263, 11th GSC, 14th GCHPA (2 Dips), 478B, 39L, 179 Miles.

             Jerry Torres (3riple-G Loft) WIN Club, 18 GSWC 378, 1st WIN, 6th GSC, 7th GCHPA, (3 Dips), 328B, 37L, 299 Miles.  (2nd race in diplomas.)

             Jerry Torres (3riple-G Loft) WIN Club, 18 GSWC 381, Eq. 1st WIN (Dip) (2nd clock less than 1 sec behind 1st), 81B, 9L, 182 Miles.

            Thomas Williams (Williams Family Loft) WIN Club, 18 GSWC 858, 16th GSWC Futurity (Auction Race), 300 Mi., won $100.

2019 - OB19 - Harold Dickey, WIN Club, 16 GSWC 313, 4th WIN, 4th GSC (Dip), 11th GCHPA (Dip), 280B, 27L, 179 Mi.  (See YB16 above.)

            Harold Dickey, WIN Club, 17 GSWC 206, 1st WIN, 11th GCHPA (2 Dips), 214B, 26L, 300 Mi.   3rd WIN, 3rd GSC, 3rd GCHPA (2 Dips) (5 sec. behind 1st),              126B, 15L, 368 Mi.

            Ray Orta, WIN Club, 18 WIN 18263, 2nd WIN (Dip) (5 sec. behind 1st), 34B, 5L, 369 Mi.  (See YB18 above.)

2020-OB20 - No racing in Houston; COVID-19.